Not All Mulches Are Created Equal

It is important to know what you’re getting for your money. The two big mulch products in Indiana are hardwood mulches and dyed or colorized mulches. In the dawn of the hardwood mulch world, bark from the hardwood trees harvested in Indiana was the source of raw material. The trees were debarked before processing and then the bark was shipped to manufacturers such as Tiffany Lawn & Garden, where we would then regrind the bark into different textures and age it to get that rich dark brown color that everyone loves so much.

Over the last few years the demand for bark has increased as supplies have decreased, as a result, manufactures are also selling hardwood mulch made from the whole tree. If aged and ground correctly this product performs well and looks very similar. The down side is that it does not hold its color as long as the all bark products do. Note, that all mulches fade with time, even the dyed ones but clearly what they are made from does make a difference.

At Tiffany Lawn & Garden we make a clear distinction between hardwood bark mulch and hardwood mulch which is also reflected in the different prices.

At Tiffany Lawn & Garden we even go a step further and make hardwood mulch where we add horse manure to enhance its nutritional value, called Nutra Mulch.

Similar events have taken place in the manufacturing of dyed mulches, the industry first started by grinding and dying old pallets and construction debris. But as the demand for dyed mulches increased and the availability of old pallets remained a constant, there became a shortage of raw material. Some manufacturers, again, were grinding whole trees and brush and dying them in order to have enough material to supply. Fortunately, at Tiffany Lawn & Garden, we were able to partner up with sawmills and pallet companies that use virgin hardwoods and pallets to make us a superior dyed product. Not only is product quality important to us at Tiffany Lawn & Garden, but so is the trust that we earn from our customers by keeping them informed, so they can buy and get exactly what they are looking for in a QUALITY mulch product.

Please Note:

Hardwood mulch will naturally generate heat due to the microorganisms inside the mulch. If your mulch is either hot to the touch or has a distinct ammonia smell, you must let it air out and cool down. Do not place mulch directly against foliage, annual, or perennial plants. Thoroughly water mulch immediately after application. Tiffany Lawn & Garden Supply is not responsible for plant damage due to misapplication of this product.

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