Color Enriched Brown Nutra Mulch

$36.95 per cu. yd.

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*NEW* We have taken our popular Nutra Mulch and dyed it a glorious dark chocolate brown to ensure full season color for your landscape. This adds a fourth option at the budget level for our color enriched mulch lineup. It is slightly coarser than our Premium and Select Supreme color enriched products but it still looks fantastic and you are sure to love it.

Color enriched dyed mulch must have appropriate time to cure to prevent color loss. If rain is forecasted for the day of delivery, the mulch must be covered. PLEASE DO NOT LAY THE MULCH IF RAIN IS IN THE FORECAST IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS. Tiffany Lawn and Garden Supply is not responsible for color loss due to the misapplication of this product. For more information, please visit