A Standard Hardwood Mulch

$29.95 per cu. yd.

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A Hardwood Mulch is our ‘customer favorite’ hardwood mulch. This product has a rich dark brown color and it’s textured at 2 inches and less. The A-grade hardwood meets the needs of contractors and homeowners alike. This product will decompose the slowest of the three grades of hardwood due to its coarser texture, giving you at least a year and a half of longevity. This product should be applied 3″ to 4″ in depth.

Hardwood mulch will naturally generate heat due to the microorganisms inside the mulch. If your mulch is either hot to the touch or has a distinct smell, you must let it air out and cool down. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE MULCH DIRECTLY AGAINST FOLIAGE, ANNUAL, OR PERENNIAL PLANTS. Thoroughly water mulch immediately after application. Tiffany Lawn and Garden Supply is not responsible for plant damage to the misapplication of this product.